Sunday, July 9, 2017

Top Posts

  1. Share Buybacks is a four-part series that explores the historical performance of the share buyback strategy which seeks to overweigh companies with large share buyback programs.
  2. Buybacks and Dividend Growth explores the debate between proponents of each strategy.
  3. The Saving up for college tuition series muses on the value and underlying frictions found in college savings and investments accounts.
  4. Stock Price Limits and ADRs surveys the research literature on the impact of stock price limits on price discovery.
  5. Max Drawdown recaps a study on the performance of equities and the best and worse case scenarios for buy-and-hold investors during the height of the financial crisis.
  6. Market Indexing explores fundamental index including a brief history and the pros and cons.
  7. Probabilistic counter goes over some of the seminal papers describing the classic efficient non-comparison-based algorithms.
  8. Memory Management and Concurrency in C surveys the costs and benefits of various memory management techniques in software.
  9. Programming language theory meets popular programming languages in Formal Semantics for the Top 5 Programming Languages. Over the last couple of decades, the research community has built an amazing amount of technical machinery in the form of ever fancier type systems and logics to formalize the semantics of programming languages. Most of the time, the subject under study is some niche language that is relatively constrained to admit formalization. However, in the above mentioned post, researchers tackle the fickle and messy popular programming languages head on to try to bring reason and order to a disorderly world.
  10. Scientific method and epistemology presents a 10,000 foot level view of the philosophy of science and knowledge.

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