Friday, January 20, 2012

C++ and GCC

Now that C++11 has been live for a little while, I was curious of the state of support from the major compilers. GCC/G++ is the major one. As of GCC 4.7, it appears to support of good deal of C++11 features which actually made it into the standard (concepts being the big omission). Variadic templates, auto-type declarations, initializer lists (vector<int> v {1,2,3}; works), unions supporting all non-reference member types, strongly-typed enums and many others made it into GCC. There is even a range for (for i : collection), something Java incorporated a while ago and the scripting languages had before then. The omissions (stuff in the standard but not in GCC 4.7) include garbage collection and most of the concurrency features.

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