Monday, December 29, 2014

Understanding Cloud Host Pricing, Part 2

In the past few years, there has been a movement to standardize cloud compute resource measurements in order to make way for public trading of compute resources. The idea is simple, but execution may be complicated: each company can run something like OpenStack and rent off underutilized compute resources and these resources can be further trading on public exchanges to enable companies to hedge for price spikes. Along these lines, Amazon was quite early in introducing the Reserved Instance Marketplace. A public trading of standardized compute units will enable smaller organizations to monetize underutilized assets. This model is not without its challenges. Compute resources have many aspects that distinguish them. Performance may vary dramatically. In this post, I investigate some of the smaller cloud hosts and their prices.

ProviderMinimum Unit ($/hr)Memory (GB)Instance Storage (GB)Persistent Block Storage ($/GB/mo)
HP Helion0.031100.10
IBM SoftLayer0.041250.10
Oracle Cloud1.8
CloudSigma0.0319110.14 SSD
DreamHost DreamCompute0.0264225-
Internap0.04120 SSD0.30


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